Home Decor

Art for the Walls

Decorative pieces in any home make a statement, and ceramics are part of the growing trend for home decorators. Rather than choose a framed picture, people are branching out into unlikely materials to accent their lives. Metal pieces are perfect for those who enjoy the industrial look, and yarn or rope pieces are perfect for a comfortable farmhouse design. Ceramic pieces are for those who want modern design with flair and color.

Round is the new shape for many modern wall pieces, and ceramics are a natural choice. Decorative plates in this material have been around for centuries, and they are now crafted to match the designs people want in the modern world. These wall pieces are colorful, and they are used to draw the eye as well as please the senses. Maintaining them is easy enough, and most of them do well with a regular dusting or taken down and washed periodically.

For those who want pieces that are square or rectangular, ceramic artists have not left their d├ęcor out of modern design. There are pieces available that are portraits or scenes done in relief for those who crave more texture on their walls. White used to be fairly standard for this type of craft object, but modern tastes in color have created an explosion of new designs with color accents. Some are done in full color for a sharp contrast to neutral wall colors.

Size is one of the most important considerations in wall art, and ceramics does have a limiting factor. Larger pieces must have extra support when they are hung, and it is advisable to attach smaller pieces where a stud is located. Modern ceramics can be made lightweight, so shopping around is the best way to find the piece that is the right size and weight for display.